Faye Fatale

I really admire and look up to him in so many ways.
The strive for self improvement and positivity that he generates. Even when he does doubt himself, he has this excited will power to pull himself back up where he belongs.
Sometimes though, everyone needs that little reassurance, and I feel so fucking privileged that I’m the one that gets to fall asleep and wake up next to him, and tell him how amazing he really is :)

Ps. The praise comes when necessary, don’t wanna give him a big head 😜


1211kumotoriyama37 (by a.k.a.manma)


1211kumotoriyama37 (by a.k.a.manma)


@belilabelle in Wonderland

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Venezuela Instagrammer Belinda Tellez (@belilabelle) has always had a passion for surreal tales. “As a kid I was kind of weird. I liked books more than dolls and used to memorize passages from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’” she says. These days Belinda writes her own stories through surreal photography, often starring as the main character of imaginative scenes. She views each image as a story or anecdote, which reveal her secrets. “When the pictures become very surreal and imaginative, they also ironically become incredibly real.” Belinda’s creations are often the work of a one-woman show: “I take the self-portraits myself, so when the result is similar to what I imagined, I dance.”


14-2014 (by deer wander like tramps)
Finally some colour back in my hair that doesn’t look like mould ☺️ #happy #colourfulhair #rainbow #sunshine #smiles #melbourneowesmeanotherniceday

Finally some colour back in my hair that doesn’t look like mould ☺️ #happy #colourfulhair #rainbow #sunshine #smiles #melbourneowesmeanotherniceday

Definitely can :P one lucky man!

Haha nah I’m a bit of a pain!

Horny little Faye :O

Always lol. Can you tell the nights I’m not at my bfs lol




Just some stuff I’d totally put in my house…

More decor ideas for the future Elder Goth Retirement Haunted Mansion,

transcendentangel I cannot wait to decorate our house!
Breathe easy

I’m so glad my stubborn streak has paid off, that I stuck it out and gave it my all to be with him.
That glimpse of his spark at the start was enough to tell me that he’s an amazing man in a tough spot.
Now I get that spark everyday and damn, there are no words.
He’s one of a kind.